Colony Collapse Disorder – Infographic

  • Task: Create an interactive infographic for the iPad
  • Client: Phillip Motley, Comm 565
  • Tools used: Illustrator, Flash
  • Accolades: 1st Place, BEA Festival 2012

During Visual Aesthetics and Design, our class was placed in teams and asked to create an interactive infographic for the iPad. I was paired with the amazingly talented Jessica Torrez-Riley for this project and the topic we randomly drew from a hat was DISEASE. How fun.

Since neither of us wanted to depress ourselves for the next two weeks working on a project about how our kinsfolk were dying, we decided to focus on diseases of the insect variety and put together an infographic about Colony Collapse Disorder.

After brainstorming different layouts and methods to encourage exploration, we began production. I spearheaded the design and Jessica took over programming duties. Over the next couple days our idea took shape and we presented it to our class. A few minor changes later, we turned it in. It received high praise and high marks from our professor. Later it was featured on a large touch-screen in the program’s department that we lovingly call the Brag Board. The final proof-of-concept was built in Adobe Flash.

Ultimately, our professors weren’t the only people to take notice as the project took 1st place in the Broadcast Education Association’s 2012 Student Festival.

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