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    Task: Record and edit daily video packages Client: ACM ICPC Tools used: Final Cut 7, Sony HD Cameras I had the privilege of working as an official videographer and video editor at the 36th Annual ACM International Computer Programming Competition in Warsaw, Poland. The task involved recording and editing together video packages under an extremely […]

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    Boruca Videos

    Task: Record the lifestyle and traditions of the Boruca tribe of Costa Rica Client: Las Indigas de Boruca Tools used:Panasonic, Adobe AfterEffects, Final Cut X While researching the Boruca tribe in Costa Rica I was given the esteemed position of cameraman. I was the lucky one who got to carry 60 pounds of video equipment […]

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    Elon University – Honors and Fellows

    Task: Create a 7 minute video to be shown at the graduation for Elon University’s Honors and Fellows Cohort of 2012 Client: Elon University, Honors and Fellows Tools used: Final Cut X, AfterEffects, Sony HD Camera While finishing my Master’s Degree at Elon University, I was hired to produce a short video for the graduation […]

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    Friday Night Films

    A few years ago, I started a little side project because I was bored — what would become Friday Night Films. Over the past four years, I’ve produced video content for YouTube in an effort to become famous and find true love — seeing success with the latter, as my wife is featured in a […]

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    Idaho State Journal Videos

    Task: Create 30-60 second spots for the web version of the Idaho State Journal Client: Idaho State Journal Tools used: Final Cut 7 After graduating in 2009, I worked briefly for the Idaho State Journal, a newspaper in my hometown of Pocatello Idaho. News Package: Whitman Renovation A piece I did about the Whitman Hotel […]

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    iMedia 365

    Task: Create a 60-second spot about Elon students attending SXSW Client: Interactive Media MA, Elon University Tools used: Cannon 7D, Adobe AfterEffects, Final Cut X During the Spring Semester of 2012, the iMedia program decided to launch a new website, called imedia365.us. This website features the latest news and stories from our industry and graduate […]

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    King’s Speech Motion Typography

    Here’s a quick motion typography project I put together based on The King’s Speech. I made it lovingly in AfterEffects.

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    One on One Marketing Videos

    At One on One Marketing, I managed the social media blog assets of the company’s primary website, ClassesAndCareers.com. I orchestrated successful contests and promotions, wrote blog posts that drove backlinks and traffic, and produced other content like infographics. These projects included the video infographic below, in which I mispelled Notre Dame — a mistake I […]

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    Starling Beauty

    Your Browser does not support HTML5 video tags. And that makes your browser bad. Upgrade to a better experience with Google Chrome. Chris tested, HTML5 approved. Task: Record and edit beauty tip videos Client: StarlingBeauty.com Tools used: Final Cut 7, Panasonic AVCCAM During my last semester at BYU-Idaho, I worked as an intern for startup […]

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    Alien Typography

    Task: Create a typeface for an Alien Race Client: Phillip Motley, Comm 565 Tools used: Illustrator CS5, Fontographer 5 We were asked to create a typeface specific to an alien race. We were encouraged to think outside of the box, and to include elements that would not be familiar to human beings. As a fan […]

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    Dales Outdoor Advertising

    Durning the winter of 2009 I was able to help my family start outdoor advertising company and work is there Versatec account executive. My responsibilities included at cold calling everyone in Eastern Idaho and trying to sell boards for them. Other duties included designing billboards designing promotional material and redesigning or designing rather a new […]

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    Scroll Magazine

    During my time at Brigham Young University Idaho I was active on the staff of the school newspaper scroll. Bye my final semester if they decide to lunch and ambitious project where we produced student edited and work in magazine form I was the first editor of a non-bridal themed magazine and I did the […]

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    Clue Interactive Video

    For the third and final project in our Interactive Development class, we were asked to create an interactive movie and were randomly placed into teams. My team was fortunate enough to include the creme de la creme of the iMedia program. We knew when we started that we wanted the overall look and feel to […]

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    Colony Collapse Disorder – Infographic

    Task: Create an interactive infographic for the iPad Client: Phillip Motley, Comm 565 Tools used: Illustrator, Flash Accolades: 1st Place, BEA Festival 2012 During Visual Aesthetics and Design, our class was placed in teams and asked to create an interactive infographic for the iPad. I was paired with the amazingly talented Jessica Torrez-Riley for this […]

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    Podcast App for iPhone

    During my time at Elon University, I recorded several podcasts with my classmate Cassie Gooding. For my final project, I turned it into a very slick (very beta) app for iOS devices. This app is built using the Javascript-based framework NimbleKit. It didn’t have a large enough market for me to justify spending hundreds of […]

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    Utah Jazz Infographic

    This was my first ever flash-based infographics, which I produced for saltcityhoops.com. I’m currently revising it so that I can actively update as new information comes along. Below are some of my process sketches from the development process.

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    Analog.la Redesign

    As part of my duties as the Interactive Developer for Analog Creative, Inc. I was asked to build the new theme for our company’s website- a task that would stretch all of my skills as a developer. The end result was a beautifully designed responsive site that would stunningly feature our client work. On the […]

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    Task: Build a web presence for the community of Boruca, Costa Rica Client: Los Indigas Brunka Tools used: Photoshop, Coda, Final Cut X Accolades: Featured on UNCtv and the Smithsonian Institute for Native American Studies AEJMC Best of the Web – 3rd Place During the month of January 2012, I went with a group of […]

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    Task: Build a web presence for Friday Night Films Client: Friday Night Films Tools used: Photoshop, Coda This site was built to highlight a pet project of mine, Friday Night Films, which is essentially funny sketches or rants that I write, produce and edit myself (which is obvious from their less-than-stellar quality). In an effort […]

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    I served as lead developer for Analog Creative, Inc. during the production of this site for the Kickstarter-launched film, Hybrid Vigor. The site features a full-screen slideshow background and utilizes the Instagram and Vimeo APIs to pull in fresh content daily. Click the images for a more detailed overview of the project from Analog’s portfolio. […]

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    Proprietary Blend

    Last year I built a theme for my blog Tangents, called Proprietary Blend. Though the theme itself has no real bells and whistles, I designed it to look professional and yet maintain as minimalist a structure as possible. As with most things I do, the focus of the theme is on its typographical elements, from […]

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    Task: Build a portal for Sea Scouts to find information about the 2012 Sea Scout Cup. Tools used: Coda Client: William Koch A fun project that I involved in during my time at Elon University was to build the site for the 2012 Koch Cup with one of my classmates, Emily Kamishke, and one of […]

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    I served as lead developer for Analog Creative, Inc. during the production of this site for the London-based personal training company, Transition Health and Fitness. The site features a full-screen slideshow background and was built on WordPress. Click the images for a more detailed overview of the project from Analog’s portfolio. This is work that […]

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    My Name is Chris Kirkham

    And I am a hybrid.

    I am a jack of many trades and a master of a few more. Why? Because it's obvious from my work experience that what the modern workforce needs isn't some highly focused specialist that a can be squirreled away in a cubicle. It needs people who are as versatile and effective as a Swiss Army knife. And just as stylish.

    I'm part journalist, part coder. One dash filmmaker with a pinch of design. All of these skills mix to create a smartly handsome web content mastermind. But I'm more than hexadecimal color codes and video codecs. I enjoy a good pizza. I'm the dude that still high fives. I get along with almost everybody. If that sounds like the kind of person you wouldn't mind working with, then take a look at my skills below. If you're interested in hiring me to build your site, app or awning (seriously, I've worked construction too), shoot me an email and let's talk.


    • Videography
    • Video editing - Final Cut 7/X, Adobe Premiere
    • Motion graphics - After Effects


    • Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, InDesign
    • Infographic Design
    • Publication Design


    • WordPress and Drupal development
    • HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Popcorn.js
    • PHP, MySQL
    • Flash AS3
    • Javascript/jQuery
    • iOS/web app development


    • Russian - fluent
    • Writing and editing - journalistic, web
    • Audio recording and mixing
    • Search engine optimization and marketing
    • Leadership and project management - Google Analytics
    • Social media marketing and strategy
    • Stand-up comedy
    • Fluency with Mac, Windows and Linux operating systems

    Hire me to:

    • design & build your website
    • improve your site's seo
    • tell jokes on your stage
    • record and edit your video
    • build your iphone or web app
    • taste test your pizza


    Proud to live and work in Venice Beach, CA.